eBest instills information management within your company by automating and improving your sales order processes, increasing your visibility in the retail outlets. We develop install-based SFA solution as well as a Cloud SFA solution to fit every budget by focusing on the same goals :  

- Increase your sales revenues
- Improve your retail sales execution
- Empower your sales representatives
- Create a strong competitive advantage
- Get detailed outlet data and market data

eBest is the leader of providing highly configurable mobile sales force solutions through our developed ebMobile Open-Platform.  Our Sales Force Automation (SFA) expertise allow us to develop unique enterprise solutions fitting both Modern Trade and General Trade. Our customers chose us to benefit from the following:

- User-friendly applications
- Leading position in terms of user number and user experiences
- Strong Local successful cases like Jing Brand, Want-Want,Yanjing Beer
- Endorsed by leading multi-national customers, like Kraft, P&G, AB-InBev, Huawei, Coca-Cola China, Coca-Cola Sabco, etc.
Connectivity : Everywhere with 3G/Edge networks and wireless
Supported Devices: iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Motorola etc.
Supported OS : J2ME, Windows Mobile, Android, Mac OSx,WP7
Solutions : Sales Force Automation, Field Service Management, Enterprise Mobility, SaaS
Empowering Sales Revenues with SFA
Automating your sales process with SFA will improve and accelerate your sales retail execution. Your sales rep will use Smartphones or Pads to do all the field operations. It will improve your market visibility by giving you all store fundamental data, and the possibility to analyze and create development strategies based on eBest strong Business Intelligence reports from your dedicated enterprise Back-End system.

Cut Total Operational Cost with SaaS
eBest Mobile Service as a Software (SaaS) is the Cloud SFA solution. Your data will be accessible from anywhere at any time in the cloud. Focusing on what really matters : Selling more with less administration eBest responds with SaaS Solution.
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“The SFA product helps improve our daily fresh milk’s order accuracy and efficiency, and improve our fresh milk delivered to the stores on time
By罗海 (General Manager of Bright Dairy in East China)
"We chose the eBest because of their professional experience and their mature products.”
ByGary Zhu (General Manager of General Mill in Greater China)
eBest Reached a Cooperation with Changyu Group
Sep 17,2014
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Excited Over New Cooler IoT Solution
Aug 21,2014
Hengan Project on-line with eBest SFA system
Aug 21,2014
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